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All-in-one fitness & lifestyle tracking and advisory app, personalized by you.

Icarus is the best all-in-one solution for lifestyle & health tracking! Split into three main feature trees, Icarus combines nutrition, activity, and well-being into one complete app.

When it's customized, it’s enjoyable the most!
By choosing your own goals, preferences, and plans, Icarus creates a unique profile custom-made just for you.

We aren’t pushy!
Icarus is the perfect solution for people who want more control over their habits, without someone always telling them what to do. The only food we suggest is food for thought by telling you what your next meal, exercise, or meditation could be!

Complex information displayed as simple as possible!
Record and track information, such as your weight, blood pressure, or calories over time. All information is processed and compared to your previous inputs, to give you a precise but easy-to-understand analysis.

Eat what you want! We keep track of it!
With a simple and intuitive system, you can enter what you ate so we process the numbers and show you what nutrient you could use more of. You can easily keep track of what meals you ate, thanks to our diary system, and view your general nutrient intake.

Let your activities count!
By telling us your great goals, we assemble a unique plan of exercises you can perform. Of course, you can also just track what you performed that day. The choice is all yours!

Stress is temporary!
At least with the help of Icarus. Track your sleep and meditation to get more cleared up about your feel-good routines, or select one of our many tasks and meditational exercises to perform! And if it seems like you need guidance (even if it’s just this one time)- we got you covered. You can choose between different personal growth plans, preventing anxiety, stress, or helping you to sleep better at night. Everything, to give your thoughts a little bit more space and to make stress temporary.

Center yourself, track eating habits, and get more inspiration to exercise! Lead your lifestyle into a new and better-managed phase!

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