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Check out the following list of satisfied clients who have benefited from the quality and innovation of our solutions.

Dipl.-Psychologe Wolfgang Beckert Echnaton Ökumenischer Hospiz-Dienst Malsch e.V. 99active

Dipl.-Psychologe Wolfgang Beckert

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Dipl.-Psychologe Wolfgang Beckert on a project aimed at optimizing an existing website. The project involved implementing a responsive design with a mobile-first approach, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across different devices. Additionally, we focused on enhancing search engine placement, employing effective strategies to improve the website's visibility and reach. To ensure its reliability, we also conducted automated tests, obtaining positive results and confirming the website's improved performance. Through our collaboration with Dipl.-Psychologe Wolfgang Beckert, we successfully achieved the goal of optimizing the website and enhancing its overall effectiveness.

Individual Students

We completed a collaborative project involving individual students, resulting in the successful development of an educational website. The website offers user-friendly tools for performing various math calculations, including elementary algebra, vectors, matrices, systems of linear equations, and graphical representations. Students can conveniently test their skills by engaging in interactive exercises and observe immediate results. This project aims to enhance the learning experience by providing a practical platform for honing mathematical proficiency in a diverse range of topics.


With this project we collaborated closely with a band to create their new website. The project encompassed the entire process, from designing to implementing the website, ensuring compatibility across both mobile and desktop platforms. Our team placed a strong emphasis on incorporating responsive design, guaranteeing a seamless user experience on various devices. This website now serves as an effective platform for the band to present themselves, allowing them to showcase their unique identity and engage with their audience in an impactful way.

Ökumenischer Hospiz-Dienst Malsch e.V.

We collaborated with the Ökumenischer Hospiz-Dienst Malsch e.V. on a project focused on optimizing an existing website. Through our efforts, we successfully transformed the website into a responsive platform with a mobile-first design approach. To further enhance user engagement, we implemented a refreshing new design, complemented by carefully selected pictures that align with the websites's content. Moreover, we introduced a new landing page that incorporates compelling calls to action, effectively guiding visitors towards desired actions. With our collaboration with the Ökumenischer Hospiz-Dienst Malsch e.V., we achieved remarkable results, revitalizing the website and creating an engaging user experience.


We completed a project in collaboration with 99active, focusing on the redesign of crucial landing and informational pages. Through our efforts, we successfully implemented a new design that significantly enhanced the visual appeal and user experience of these pages. A key aspect of this redesign involved optimizing the use of Bootstrap classes, allowing for streamlined development and ensuring consistency across the website. The result is a set of transformed pages that effectively convey essential information while providing a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Working with 99active, we achieved remarkable results, bringing a fresh and modern look to the website's key pages.

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